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Introducing.....The Moostique Chic Box: A monthly chic box provides our customers with access to fabulous savings plus amazing products. Why a Chic Box?

The number 1 reason is to help us roll out and introduce to you, our fab customers, the awesome new products we've been curating.

Number 2: we know these are hard times for everyone, and we've been feeling the pinch too. So, we felt that together, we can help each other!

Number 3: well, because we believe you deserve it! A Chic, beautifully-curated box of goodies, just for you!

How it works: pre-order your gift-box by the 25th of the month and it will be ready by the 1st. Easy Peasy. All you need to do is arrange payment and we'll package up your Surprise Moostique Chic Box, right away! Pick up or delivery (extra charge for delivery).

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